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The Savage Sacktap

A former high school vandal and his friends offer a profane take on society, pop-culture, sports and more all with a nod towards the great morning radio 'shock jocks' of yesteryear. If you hate everyone, you'll love 'The Savage Sacktap'

Twitter: @MikeMontone



Jan 20, 2024

It's cold in New York and people are getting cranky. The Cowboys come up short again, but Sports Illustrated fares far worse, and much more in this week's Sacktap Live with Mike Montone

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Jan 13, 2024

It's not a good day to be a rat covered homeless guy and it's not a good day to be Chris Cuomo. It's a great week to be a football fan unless your name is Jimmy Kimmel or you can't figure out how to use a streaming app. Mike Montone has it all in this week's Sacktap Live

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Jan 7, 2024

Mike Montone is back with a New Year's greeting from America's most beloved financier, a look at the wonderful world of Stanley Cups, and some harsh opinions on two-wheeled conveyances.

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