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The Savage Sacktap

A former high school vandal and his friends offer a profane take on society, pop-culture, sports and more all with a nod towards the great morning radio 'shock jocks' of yesteryear. If you hate everyone, you'll love 'The Savage Sacktap'

Twitter: @MikeMontone



Oct 27, 2018

It's that time of year again; leaves crunch under foot, candy corns induce sugar fueled nausea, and social justice unleash hysteria over people trying to have a good time -- that's right it's Halloween!!! We're back with another Spooktacular Halloween show featuring rants about feminuts, a special history...

Oct 19, 2018

Liz Warren thought she'd pulled the Trump card, instead she wound up getting scalped by the internet. The Donald had some choice words for Stormy Daniels. Then I go off about bad behavior at work buffets, kids who don't deserve fine Italian dining, a gastrointestinal disaster, and shame on the Maryland...

Oct 13, 2018

Goodfellas, Donnie Brasco, Godfather, the Sopranos -- you love the movies and TV shows about thick necked Italians cruisin around in Caddies with their concubines while stacking up cash and bodies. Like any other proud Italian American, I love em too. So I went in search of someone who could tell me the stories behind...

Oct 6, 2018

Muhlenberg was far from the bomb, but there was an explosion near campus last week, prompting Mike to sort through some foggy memories of college, as he wonders when he'll be famous enough to get Kavanaughed. Then it's on to crossdressing cat fights, Trump says hello to Mr. Kurd, and a controversy over women serving in...