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The Savage Sacktap

A former high school vandal and his friends offer a profane take on society, pop-culture, sports and more all with a nod towards the great morning radio 'shock jocks' of yesteryear. If you hate everyone, you'll love 'The Savage Sacktap'

Twitter: @MikeMontone



Jan 15, 2022

Anal sex in Greece! Officials react with shock to the least shocking occurrence ever, and speaking of anal, has Dunder Mifflin receptionist Pam Beesly been giving up the 2 hole? Investigating that and more in tonight’s Sacktap Live, it starts right now!

YouTube: Mike Montone

FB: @TheSavageCrew

IG: @Gary_Moyler


Jan 8, 2022

The days of sparkling Christmas trees, cookies, and holiday feasts are long gone. But if one beer company has its way, you’ll be feasting on ass all winter long. Whet your appetite for backdoor butterscotch with a podcast, a fresh episode of the Savage Sacktap starts now!

Twt: @MikeMontone

IG: @Gary_Moyler


Dec 24, 2021

Tis the season to inadvertently kill a bunch of your aging loved ones at an indoor Christmas gathering. But don’t spend too much time mourning grandma, because it’s also the season to grab a boozy handful of your secretary’s ass while telling her you’re no longer attracted to the mother of your children. It’s...

Dec 15, 2021

Having a holly jolly Christmas? Not if you’re Ghislaine Maxwell, Chris Cuomo, Jussie Smollet, the guy who got jerked off on at the gym, or the other guy who almost got eaten alive by a pack of otters. Have no fear, whatever is causing your Christmas blues, they’ll be washed away when you tune in to a fresh episode...

Dec 8, 2021

Oh you’re a Beatles fan? Well bully for you, I’m the great great great grandson of Sitting Bull. Can I prove it? No! Do I have to? Nope. But I’ll make a deal with you colonizers, stick around for the next hour of livestreaming, and I’ll forget that you owe me reparations! A fresh episode of the Savage Sacktap...