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The Savage Sacktap

A former high school vandal and his friends offer a profane take on society, pop-culture, sports and more all with a nod towards the great morning radio 'shock jocks' of yesteryear. If you hate everyone, you'll love 'The Savage Sacktap'

Twitter: @MikeMontone



Oct 30, 2019

It's another Halloween Spooktacular from the Savage Sacktap! A bizarre cast of characters stops by the Savage compound for good candy, good conversation, stabbings, sexual harassment, hip hop, and more. A fun break from the usual content, we'll be back with tried and true ranting and raving next week. Until then,...

Oct 20, 2019

Lotsa talk about locker room weirdos in this one. First some mook gets changed right next to me while having a loud phone conversation, then I read an article about guys who like to whack it in the steam room -- VERY SAD! Also the CNN LGBTQ town hall was a disaster, and everyone hates Hillary Clinton because she was...

Oct 12, 2019

Summer boys can enjoy autumn too, even if it is a sober October. Detailing my latest week of booze, weed, and porn free livin before diving into the stories that had people talkin over the past seven days. The Braves have axed the tomahawk chop, Martin Scorcese says comic book movies suck (hint: he's right), Chris...

Oct 5, 2019

I went to comic con and saw fat asses of every kind. Artie Lange is still the man. Sober October means no whackin it to internet porn either, VERY SAD! An iPhone turned a guy gay, Greta Thunberg sucks, babies were meant to be eaten, Trump is the greatest troll in internet history, and Liz Warren could totally catch a...