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The Savage Sacktap

A former high school vandal and his friends offer a profane take on society, pop-culture, sports and more all with a nod towards the great morning radio 'shock jocks' of yesteryear. If you hate everyone, you'll love 'The Savage Sacktap'

Twitter: @MikeMontone



May 22, 2023

I’m back with a brand new outlook, but my opinions on Jackson Mahomes remain completely unchanged. Shop Rite has my grocery shopping dollars, but it also has my scorn for one of the most hateable commercials I’ve ever seen. All that and the inevitable happens on a New York City subway car. It’s here, it’s now,...

May 1, 2023

A South Carolina man cocked a gun to stop his wife from getting dicked, and speaking of dicks, I’m sure Steven Crowder can empathize. There was a time when talk show hosts were good and decent people, but the death of Jerry Springer puts that even farther in the rear view. A fresh and somber episode of the...